Shining a light on inclusive business

Influencing companies to contribute more to the SDGs

Many companies talk about sustainable development and promote themselves accordingly. But how green or social are they really? And how do they compare to their competitors? Is it possible to create a positive mechanism to stimulate them to do more?


We believe multinationals play a pivotal role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We like to stimulate multinationals to do more by ranking their SDG performance in an index with their peers. What gets measured gets done!


The Index Foundation develops indices measuring sustainability performance based on thorough research. The methodologies behind the indices are a result of robust stakeholder dialogues. The founder of The Index Foundation, Ed Monchen, has worked many years for The Access to Medicine Index. This Index is now globally the standard for pharmaceutical companies when it comes down to access to medicines. Its success has inspired Bill Gates and The Wellcome Trust to establish The Access to Nutrition Index.

The Index Foundation develops indices with the following characteristics:

  • Focus on relevant societal issue(s) linked to SDGs
  • Based on multi stakeholder dialogues and consultation
  • Add value to what is already available
  • 100% independent of the companies ranked 
  • Create a positive intervention by highlighting best practice
  • Measure the companies every two years to stimulate continuous improvement